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Every November 4, or there abouts, we travel to NYC to do the marathon. This year we decided instead on Nicargua, and a marathon of surfing!

With Thanksgiving just gone and Christmas coming too, we’ve more travel on the cards. We recently went to Portland for the weekend and soon to Vancouver then to Chicago.

Now I’m all for eating 80:20, where 80% of the time I eat the very best that my body needs, and 20% of the time I can indulge or eat out or eat less than perfect if I get stuck because my body can absorb it! Our body listens to what we do most of the time, not sometimes.

Travel fits well into this category. And ’tis the season! Its a time you’ve earned and indulgence is on the cards. But so too is adventure and rebalancing your hectic life. So don’t go overboard. That said, there are things you can ensure to make sure even your 20% is at least 80%!

The ‘what’ to pack

Portable bone broth

  • I make a bone broth and then reduce it as far as I can, refrigerate until travel and then freeze in ice cube containers for the plane.
  • To stay hydrated and mineralized (bone broth’s are nature’s electrolyte drinks)

avocado, boiled egg, apple, cell foods, almond butter, maldon sea salt, super reduced bone broth, coconut oil, epic bar


Healthy fats

  • avocado, coconut oil and butter, nut butters – in portioned packs for airport say so and control. Coconut oil and almond butter sachets (and add to fruit at breakies to reduce the insulin spike esp with tropical fruits)

Portable protein

  • Epic bars, Sardine – BFA free and skin and bones in, in sea water

Maldon salt pinch pot and Cell Foods

  • Because when it comes to quality, salt is paramount!
  • And rehydrating is going to be one of your best jet lag fighters and immune boosters

Travel meals:

  • Crackers, avocado, tomato and sardines
  • Boiled eggs, salt and a ruby grapefruit
  • Collard green wraps with chicken, homemade mayonnaise, coriander, cucumber and carrot julienned

The ‘how’ to keep at it while away

•        don’t eat airport or plane food! Both are nutritional deserts and bulk heated radiated and hygiene intensive mass providers. Not nutrient dense in any way!
•        Pack your own! Airports are fussy about the amount of liquid you bring (not so much the amount of nutrients ha!) so I would probably leave the salad dressings and sauces behind. Your food should be properly packed or wrapped for it to be allowed on board.
•        Prepare your own snacks. Plane/airport food is usually very high in sodium. This is OK in moderation, but save the splurge for a great restaurant when you arrive! Pack some healthy treats that are travel-friendly, like raw almonds, dates stuffed with seeds, sliced veggies, an apple, almond butter, and homemade granola bars or protein bites. Try Barefoot holiday kit.
•        Pack your supplements. I bring a multivitamin vitamin complex for energy, stamina and recovery (it also seems to help with jetlag), zinc to keep my immune system strong, and grass-fed gelatin  – it’s packed with amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants to stay healthy and full of energy during travel. I also bring a digestive enzyme and probiotics. It can be difficult to maintain good bacteria in the gut when traveling, so these support and aid digestion and help with travel bloat.
•        Stay hydrated. Hydration cannot be emphasized enough, especially when traveling by plane. And it encourages you to get up and walk on the plane to go to the bathroom! This prevents water retention and other issues associated with dehydration when you land. Carry a glass water bottle to refill at the filters available at most airports, and bring herbal tea bags with you too. Ginger and peppermint tea aids digestion, and chamomile will soothe your system. Continue to drink your usual 2 liters of water per day once you arrive.
•        Get your ZZZ’s. Don’t let jet lag, flight connections or uncomfortable hotel beds get between you and your rest. Sleep is essential, especially when traveling, to keep your immunity and energy up. Aim for 8 hours whenever possible. Napping is fine but limit it to 20min. Get into your new times one. Get sunlight on your eyelids first thing each day.
•        Prioritize healthy eating. Seek out healthy options where you can. If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, shop the local market for easy things to prep, especially breakfasts. Try to add greens at each meal. Look for local juice bars so that I can be sure to get my greens. It’ll help your immunity with new bugs in new surroundings too. And remember always add healthy fats to juices like avocado, coconut oil or milk, ghee or nut butters.
•        Eat local. You’re bit going to get chia seeds and coconut aminos! And the USA food is probably more treated and processed than any other country. Travel is a time to try new things! Enjoy local delicacies. And as usual enjoy  treats in moderation. Guilt over food will only distract you from your adventure.
•        Keep moving: stay active exploring your surroundings. If you’re traveling for a long period of time and are worried that you will pack on the pounds – make time for exercise. Sure you may not have access to a gym but don’t let that stop you. Eating healthy while traveling and staying fit has a lot to do with your attitude and your choices. If you really want to stay healthy, choose not to over-indulge and eat smart. Explore your new surroundings on foot when you arrive or a new route each afternoon.
•        Go Grocery Shopping
It’s sort of strange that we discount it, but you can go grocery shopping while on vacation. It’s true!
While it might be hard to prepare a meal if you don’t have a full kitchen in your hotel room, you’ll probably be able to find some fresh or prepared food at a nearby grocery store.





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