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If you’ve seen that episode of Portlandia, you’ll know it’s not just organic that matters when choosing a healthy restaurant; we want to know that the chicken’s name was Colin!

But what are the best restaurants for easier Intervening and what specific things should you look for when ordering. In a nutshell, I’d always choose ‘farm to fork’, also called ‘pasture to plate’, and sometimes they even tell you the farm their produce came from (unfortunately haven’t seen any names of animals yet though). I only want the best. Also, I always just say I’m gluten intolerant (means avoiding all grains and refined carbs) and I also try and watch out for carb-based dishes like pumpkin/potato/pasta/rice. Oh and sugar is harder to avoid but desserts are probably a good start for avoiding that: I know but of a downer, but maybe make your own intervention friendly dessert and go home for that?

Dining out ideas:

Ew- fried breaded sandwiches wraps and pre mixed dressing
Yay-bun-less lettuce wrapped burgers and salads with simple dressings

Ew-try to request no msg and sauces without sugar. Maybe avoid?

Ew-naan and rice. Ask gluten free and spice rubbed
Yay-grilled and roasted meats and vege, not swimming in sauce.

Ew-bread pasta breaded meats. Some meatballs can contain breadcrumbs so ask. No healthy pizza (but we’ve a homemade one coming in our Intervention!)
Yay- broiled chicken fish shrimp meat with red sauce

Ew- rice tempura imitation crab soy sauce
Yay- sashimi, broiled fish, tamari instead of soy

Ew- tortilla shells and chips (corn and flour) beans and rice
Yay- meat salsa guacamole. Raw vege to dip in your salsa and guac


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