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When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is,  Alice Waters

Clockwise from top left: boiled eggs and grapefruit half, chicken lettuce cups, hot dog in a sausage, apple-almond-wich

Clockwise from top left: boiled eggs and grapefruit half, chicken lettuce cups, hot dog in a sausage, apple-almond-wich

All a delicious revolution needs is good tasting food to cook. Healthy eating can be very uncomplicated. We’re not talking about peeling off the plastic and waiting for the microwave to beep. These are homemade, fresh meals that can be ready in 30 minutes or less.

While I love to cook, I love to shop for fresh food more. And that love of the freshest, best and tastiest ingredients is surely contagious! It’s my mission to get everyone back to a natural appetite and hunger: at the moment through sugar intervening and digestive strength training, but also through back to basics cooking.

With some basic techniques you cannot help gain the confidence and inspiration to cook and without recipes is actually far simpler than trying to make sure you ‘get it right’ from the recipe; to not be a slave to recipes and to feel comfortable just trying things and making things up. In fact, you can make a tasty meal from even the emptiest fridge. I do it each week in what’s come to be called, fridge logistics: making sure you get the best food but making sure you plan in out and then audit to make sure you use it all as best as possible and creatively too for a little extra boost in confidence! Please notice I don’t say pantry here because we’re talking about freshness as paramount.

I started this blog to show you some of the techniques I’ve learned, to introduce you to some new ingredients, and to inspire you to experiment and make good food better! And it all starts with smart grocery choices—pastured eggs and butter, seasonal leafy greens and vegies, the best meats you can buy (grass fed and finished is my standard). All these meals are even ideal for people who live in dorms or other small spaces without full kitchens. But improvisation and new creations with familiar elements can only happen when your fridge is well stocked.

Learning what goes with what is all you need to get better at improvising.


Next up, seasonings from scratch for simple, delicious and healthy alternatives to supermarket condiments whose main goal is shelf life not your taste buds or health.

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