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In this series, Is everything we know about breakfast wrong, we first tackle #1: in a nutshell, the healthiest breakfast is the one you can digest:

  • if you’re not hungry for breakfast, don’t eat. But work on your digestion
  • if you’ve no time for breakfast, make something the night before. Foods of convenience are not convenient for health
  • if you don’t like eggs, don’t eat them. There’s alternatives
  • why not challenge yourself to a week of #norepeatbreakfasts
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Breaky pizza; click image for recipe

Breakfast is probably the healthiest meal we all eat: not only are we good at eating our cereal, coffee and orange juice, we do it every day. Then some of us are just plain not hungry for breakfast and let’s face it, most of us just have no time for breakfast! Some people can even skip breakfast altogether after training their bodies to intermittently fast. So just what is a healthy breakfast?

We’re told that a healthy breakfast begins with a bowl of cereal, which are often puffed, flaked and sugared-coated, refined carbs containing less nutrition than the boxes they come in. At best they’re all carbs, no matter what form they take too. Then we add our no or low or 1% fat milk, which has a higher glycaemic index (that’s a way of describing how your blood sugar spikes out of control) than regular milk and add to that its digest-ability is processed out with the fat. Or perhaps a piece of toast, which is more refined carbs, with a smear of margarine, which is man-made trans fats mean trans cells in our bodies.

Then think how much of our breakfast foods are vitamin fortified: our cereals with iron or folate, our milk with vitamin D or C; our ‘healthy’ whole grain toast is arguably absent of vitamins, minerals or any nutrients in the first place; and margarine is just one molecule away from plastic. And this is the healthiest way we can get our day off and running?

At breakfast your body is ready for more than sugar and it’s certainly ready for more than plastic!

So what is a healthy breakfast? Eggs I hear you say? True, despite being the horrid “high fat” food we’ve been brainwashed to believe as bad, eating eggs for breakfast is proven to cause significant weight loss compared to something like bagels for breakfast. But so many people tell me, they‘ve not time to cook eggs or they’re plain over eggs, so here’s something for everyone for breakfast.

What’s my idea of a healthy breakfast? I often get asked this question, which I love because, not only do I love food but breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! It’s when I talk with my husband or watch the street outside wake up with people on their way to work and school. I never realized how important that was: breakfast, like digestion (more info coming),begins in your brain. It’s actually with the sight smell and anticipation of food triggers your salivary and pancreatic juices to release, to begin digestion.

If anything is healthy about breakfast or any nutritional advice, digestion is surely the hallmark. The healthiest breakfast is the one you can digest.

Here’s three breakfasts I love. They’re digestion-and-nutrient-dense, which also then means that they’re health claim-, grain- and sugar-free but not taste-free! They’re also what I feel for my health needs, which are arguably most people’s health needs too, but remember this is all about you: feel how you eat and eat how you feel:

Bacon and egg no bread burger

Bacon and egg no bread burger; no recipe needed

Bircher 'muesli' (grain and sugar free, but not taste free)

Bircher ‘muesli’ (grain and sugar free, but not taste free); click on image for recipe

Sweet deviled eggs

Sweet deviled eggs: boil eggs, combine egg yolk with almond butter and maple to fill; top with bacon

Read more in part 2, It’s about breaking the fast


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    Love the first one! and the fifth to the last one, if that makes sense. She’s holding the hat in front of her faaatFcn.estic location! I really wish I knew of a place like that with flowers and all. Great stuff, as usual. :}

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