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Trampolining is great for reflex stabilisation of the core, especially your pelvic floor and lower back. And it's fun!

Trampolining is great for reflex stabilization of the core, especially your pelvic floor and lower back. And it’s fun!

As an NTP, I realize that above all we cannot over look the effect of food in and on our tummy for flatness and for a 6 pack for that matter. Firstly eating fat doesn’t make you fat: sugar, refined carbs and foods you’re intolerant to do: inflammation, over eating, suboptimal digestion, and dehydration are just some of the things that are working against flattening your tummy from the inside.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought of a flat tummy from the outside. We do crunches and sit-ups, some planks followed by core work and they’re all the same thing: bending our spine (hopefully) using our tummy muscles and expecting things will snap into place. Over the years I’ve come to think of ab work as mostly hip flexor or lower back injuring work.

As a Chek Practitioner, the value of a healthy, stable and symmetrical spine in the aesthetics of the tummy has shown me the ‘why not to do so’ through any kind of sit-ups. And being an FMS coach, our core’s reflex stabilization, where all our movements boil down to our behavioral patterns, adds even more reason why so many of us are still searching for the elusive flat tummy. In fact both of these show solid reasons why we all need to work on and develop your core muscles, beyond aesthetics.

Bouldering is a great way to use your body's strength alongside it's stretch, where your posture is everything if you're going to make the climb back down!

Bouldering is a great way to use your body’s strength alongside it’s stretch, where your posture is everything if you’re going to make the climb back down!

The thing about an outside vs. inside approach is that they surely meet somewhere. Maybe it’s food, maybe it’s fitness: all our organs are innervated from the same nerves as those in our spine. And of course it’s different for men vs. women. In this series we explore all of these: a foodness and fitness perspective, a male and a female perspective, how and why we need to consider all the parts in respect to the whole:

#1 The foodness and fitness of tummy flatness

#2 The male flat tummy (ok, 6 pack): beer+gluten, forward head and t-spine inactivation, and daily activity

#3 The female flat tummy: that time of the month, a wider shallower pelvis and spinal innervation and daily activity

Ways you can work on your flat tummy today:

  • Work on your digestion with apple cider vinegar
  • Eat healthier fats and work on digesting them at the same time
  • Make sure your posture is functional, like bouldering; ideas following in article #2
  • Reflex stabilization exercises like trampolining; ideas following in article #3

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